Exquisite malas, made from sacred seeds, steeped in tradition, full of contemporary beauty and bliss.  

 All of our designs are made with much love and care, and we extend our business through honesty and authenticity.  Our exquisite belongings support, reinforce, and connect those who are seeking and those who have arrived within themselves.  

 We've been told our products can sit in your mind and appear in your dreams, and that they choose you. As you puruse our offerings, feel what arises for you, listen, trust your intuition...   Hold your dreams, desires, places, people, beliefs in your heart as you Shop by Intention.

Vintage Thai Buddhist Chain necklace

Vintage Thai Buddhist Chain necklace

The perfect piece to layer with your mala--- vintage Thai Buddhist medallions paired with large faceted gemstones, suspended from 30-inch vintage brass chains. Each medallion is different; yours will be similar in size and metal tone to the ones...

  • Price: $52.00

Recycled Bicycle Inner Tube Earrings

Recycled Bicycle Inner Tube Earrings

Bicycle innertubes, recycled, repurposed and reused. I've always had difficulty throwing things away and was excited to give these materials new life. Now my cyclist friends save their flats for me, I have a seemingly endless supply.


  • Price: $24.00

The fine print on repairs and shipping policies:

Bali Malas offers a one time free repair service.  We believe it is important for such a personal item to be repaired and reblessed by the same hands that made it originally, therefore we ship all repairs back to Bali, which means it may take 6-8 weeks for it to be returned to you.  We ship all repairs to Bali on the 15th of each month.  Bali Malas uses regular mail for this service and takes NO responsibility for any items lost in the repair process.

Bali Malas shipping policy as outlined in our Terms/Conditions:  The risk of loss for all merchandise ordered on this web site passes to you the buyer when the merchandise is delivered to our shipping carrier.  Please note, we will only accept claims for lost or stolen merchandise if an apporpriate service (UPS/FEDex) that requires a tracking number is selected at checkout.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages and/or missing items that do not have a tracking number or are in process with the courier, or in the case it has been delivered, does not have a signature at delivery point.